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Maison Valentino turns lights off in its Worldwide boutiques continuing its conscious-driven journey

Turning off lights, to shine a spotlight on environmental awareness.


Aware that sustainability is the cornerstone of a better future for us all, Maison Valentino continues along the path towards a green transition with a new global initiative.


Starting from October 6, 2022, lights in Valentino boutiques on a global scale will be turned off every day starting at 10pm, a decision in line with its conscious-driven mindset.

A gesture that extends across a broad scale and will involve around 95 boutiques, predicting a daily decrease in energy consumption for over 800 kWh, equal to the hourly consumption of over 13,000 traditional light bulbs.


Logos will be involved in the initiative, alongside the lighting of the shop windows, that of the sales areas and the lightboxes- backlit structures. The boutique warehouse lights will also continue to remain, while the emergency lights remain on in a quest to safeguard all its staff.

A decision that concerns the universe of boutiques within the most established Italian Maison De Couture network , an important space where people meet and relate by always placing human touch at its core. To enter a Valentino store, is to embark on a visual, emotional and personal experiential journey, which doesn’t matter where they are, places the client at the centre. The lights-off process kicks off within the Maison’s spaces and also harmoniously includes all its Community, encouraged by the Valentino ‘s brand culture to create shared value also through the adoption of daily best practices.


A precise equation, a fine balance between concrete environmental and social responsibility actions, fitting transversely and synergistically into the brand’s DNA with the common goal of generating positive change.


The act of turning off lights is, therefore, not only a practical message aimed at improving consumption efficiency but also a profoundly symbolic gesture, in harmony with Valentino’s company culture and core values, which consequently allows reduction in running operating costs. In Italy, about 80% of the energy Maison Valentino uses for its headquarters, boutiques and manufacturing sites comes from renewable sources.


A 360° approach that permeates within the Maison’s green transition and in its conscious driven mindset, an essential pillar of the brand’s daily actions rooted in different business areas.


The plan of reducing consumption is a clear sign of an unwavering focus on the environment, both locally with an eye on territorial areas and globally.

Valentino, thus, also speaks to its Community, inviting every single person to adopt a mindful approach also in matters of energy saving – to continue building, together, step by step, a better future for us and for all.



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