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A treasure hidden in the archives of the Atelier, and brought to light, in the streets, and in the hands of those who wish to give it a new life: continuing on its path of environmental awareness, the Valentino Sleeping Stock project – born in 2021 in partnership with the French fabric reseller Tissu Market to promote circular economy and reuse of the Maison's dormant fabric stock - opens a new chapter within The Vogue Closet-Vogue Italia, an event held during Milan Design Week 2023, from 19 to 21 April. Through a creative partnership with Vogue Italia, Maison Valentino gives a new impetus to the cultural storytelling of its heritage. At the heart of the partnership, the donation to Vogue Italia of more than 80 meters of fabrics, divided into 14 rolls and coming from Valentino's Haute Couture Ateliers in Rome, which have been reinterpreted by 3 international artists - Georg Haberler, Giada Yeya Montomoli and Thomas De Falco - within the Fairy-Tale Art Studio, the name of the closet dedicated to Valentino Sleeping Stock project. A giving back action that lives within Maison’s conscious journey. The artists specialized in textile research created unique artistic works exhibited inside the visual space of Vogue Italia. An initiative that sublimates the potential of creative reuse onto fabric, capable of generating infinite and perpetual beauty, working on the material and tactile heritage of the Maison. During the event’s days Valentino presented two dedicated talks aired with live audience and available as podcasts. An immersive journey featuring deep dive with project leaders of Valentino Sleeping Stock and conversations with artists.


A potential of beauty to unwind and awaken: Valentino Sleeping Stock project by Maison Valentino starts from the Atelier archives, aimed at the creative upcycling of its stock of "sleeping" fabrics chosen by the Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli for the Haute Couture and Prêt-à-porter collections. Chiffon, taffeta, satin dévoré, crêpe de chine with floral prints and silk georgette, kept in the archives find a new life thanks to the collaboration wanted by Maison Valentino with Tissu Market, partner with whom the Maison has been collaborating since September 2021. The French reseller of textiles, founded by Franck Lellouche, will sell the fabrics often for opera, theatrical and cinematographic production and fashion schools. A partnership which has so far unfurled about 22,000 meters of fabrics, avoiding the emission of about 265t of CO2e that would have been generated for the production of new fabrics, correspondent to the removal of CO2e performed by 5 hectares of forest in one year. Furthermore, thanks to this synergy, a saving deriving from the lack of production of new fabrics of approximately 1.105.645 m3 of water has been estimated, equal to the volume of 442 Olympic swimming pools.

With a giving back mindset and virtuous approach, a philosophy dear to the Maison, the proceeds from sales will be entirely donated to the Valentino Bottega dell'Arte, an internal school of craftsmanship that is committed to passing on the Maison's savoir-faire to the new generations, creating opportunities of growth and development, stimulating the creativity of future talents so that they can make the most of these experiences. Valentino Sleeping Stock reawakens the poetic potential of a timeless and “dormant” textile heritage from the Archives, responsibly entrusting it to a new creative life and continuously building together a better future more attentive to safeguarding the planet and its Community.

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