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The multiform universe of the Maison is composed of infinite constellations. They are the clothes of past collections. Ever-changing, in constant motion, yet almost eternal. Valentino Vintage is the first journey through these collections, now recognized, redefined, reinterpreted.


Valentino Vintage starts from a graphic design, a logo that encompasses all the Valentino logos and, with them, the stories of the garments that bear them on their label. Sometimes they were intertwined, other times they quickly vanished without a trace. But each comes from the same initial explosion that determined its existence and to which it’s now reconnected, It is a line that becomes a circle, a sign that is itself a different, cohesive, and conscious approach.


A feeling of infinite possibilities emerges. Of clothes that passed from hand to hand. Hands that look alike, familiar witnesses of the passing of time, hands that shake to conclude an agreement between strangers who are close for just a moment, hands that with a click start a thread that ends in a different part of the world.

Online and offline, the movements are fluid and elusive. Now, however, Valentino resumes from selected Vintage Stores around the world, places that celebrate creative, transformative, authentic individuality. Walls and shelves preserve stories of garments that have already passed from hand to hand, click by click. Local yet global, their identities are defined through the traits and gestures of those who have crossed the threshold, even if only for an instant.

These are the places from which Valentino Vintage departs and returns, in a circularity that begins and never ends.



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