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Valentino Collezione Milano

Values on which this book is founded on, as the choral work of three artists: Pierpaolo Piccioli, Liz Johnson Artur and Bernardine Evaristo.

Three different visions in a unique moment: The Valentino Collezione Milano fashion show which took place in Milan at the Fonderia Macchi on September 27th 2020. A time of great changes, a time when covid dictated its rules, but that did not persuade art. “We are storming towards your future and you cannot stop us”. Bernardine Evaristo

Pierpaolo Piccioli, chose Turner Prize’s winner photographer, Liz Johnson Artur, to interpret Valentino Collezione Milano and the show through her lens. He wanted Liz’s eyes for a new project to convey his values. No fuss, no frills, just women and men wearing his collection walking towards the light. A passionate intention that brings Fashion at the center of the narration Liz dived into the whole process of the Valentino show, as she dives in each character she usually photographs.

She lived behind the scenes with the Creative Director and his team, following the fittings in Milan and thinking those parts where necessary to transfer the idea of inclusivity. Becoming the eye of a community from an outsider point of view is like mirroring the society from above. This external perception makes each viewer become a potential eye and possibly a powerful part of the story.

Liz’s photography is enlightened by the words exclusively conceived by Evaristo. You no longer see the dress, you see decisive characters wanting to take a radical step forward, to their new beginnings. A sign of human caring and devotion, follow their mantra “We will no longer be silenced to become anything less than powerful and utterly fabulous”. B. Evaristo

“Valentino Collezione Milano” book will be available soon in selected Valentino Boutiques. Stay updated to be a part of this evocative journey in the Valentino world.