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The Unboxing Valentino collection​

Pureness as a conscious synthesis, the intentional removal of what exceeds. ​
It is subtraction, not absence.
The creative process keeps track of what was taken away. ​
It leads to the essential, with all the tension of implication. ​
Those empty spaces are not lack of content. They declare personal choices. ​
In those omissions, in those allusions, lays the depth of identity. ​
Cuts and transparencies reveal the persona. ​
At the same time, many layers become none. Multitude becomes one. ​
An oxymoron allows the reset of all abundances. ​
When having reached their highest level, emotions find ease. ​
Clarity arises from a new consciousness. Nowness takes shape. ​Real people make things easier. They put the extraordinary in a familiar frame. ​
A similar shift translates the language of Couture in the ready-to-wear alphabet. ​
Bustiers evolve into undershirts, gowns into sweatshirts. ​
Tailoring destinates the same space to different proportions. ​
Unboxing an image means unboxing an idea. ​
Get rid of the structure and you will see what’s inside.​


Since its first appearance on the Valentino Fall/Winter 2010-11 catwalk, the Valentino Garavani Rockstud pump has stated its claim as a truly iconic creation, with a power and relevance that continues to have the same impact today.
Rockstud is not an accessory, it is a state of mind.
Rockstud is not a shoe, it is an attitude.




Elevated makeup looks bring pure energy to the runway.​
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