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Current Promotions

Valentino Undercover

Graphics that go through times and styles express the Valentino and Undercover streetwear vision.

Vintage Prints

Archive designs inspire three vibrant prints, revisiting the past with a street sensibility.


Heritage inspiration evolves into a spontaneous symbol of freedom and self-definition.


Fresh creativity and artistic essence read the Maison’s iconic motif in an urban key.

Valentino Identity

An expression of contemporaneity envisages Valentino typography in a streetwear context.

Go Tiger

Urban energy is experienced through color and boldness for an expressive new motif.

VLTN Fundamentals

Casual apparel with a couture conception, the VLTN logo sees tradition from a new perspective.


A fresh approach to aesthetics reshapes the VLTN monogram into a strong geometric element.

Rockstud Untitled

Minimalism meets punk as statement studs redefine ready-to-wear.