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Valentino Garavani
SuperVee Comics

A contemporary narrative. To celebrate the Valentino Garavani SuperVee bag, the Maison introduces SuperVee Comics, a multipart story separated into three chapters, each created by a voice in illustration and worldmaking.

The storyboard, which was written by Italian journalist Jacopo Bedussi, follows two girls as they spend a peaceful day at the park. Suddenly, they hear loud music playing, and a group of young guys are performing a dance. Partly annoyed by the noise, the girls go to watch the dance. One of the boys suddenly trips, and catches eyes with one of the main characters. There’s something there, but nothing happens.

Later, the two girls go to VCLUB, after having finished their exams, to celebrate. While waiting in line, one of them notices a viral video on TikTok of the boys dancing, and the one dancer slipping.

Upon entering the club, the girls start dancing and letting loose. Suddenly, though, the music changes to the same one from the park. They turn around and see the same boys from the park, performing on the dance floor. Again, the boy and girl catch eyes. This time, the boy slips again. This time it’s on purpose, and he slips right in front of the girl, then asking her to dance.

Each chapter of the Comic has been created by a different young Illustrator.

Chapter 1
by Japanese illustrator

Chapter 2
by Chinese illustrator
Felicity Bang

Chapter 3
by Seoul-based illustrator
Kim Jung-Youn