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  • Men's Collection Spring/Summer 2020

    Traveling is certainly a physical activity, but it truly enlightens and enriches when it takes the form of a free-flowing, borderless meandering of the mind.

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  • Fall/Winter 2019-20 Collection

    A Maison is defined by values, prior than from an aesthetic.

    The grace of Couture is a real human touch that just like an imprint leaves a sign on everything. It is the Valentino sign, that beyond the Atelier, encounters the street and defines a new code.

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  • Spring/Summer 2019 Haute Couture

    Everything turns, rotates, evolves, repeats, and blooms.

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  • Men's Collection Fall/Winter 2019-20

    A fluid present.

    Men that explore methods that allow a freedom of being and of definition.

    Masculinity that fluidifies.

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    The freedom to be oneself is an act of being present in the moment, following no rules or schemes.

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    Here, now. Memories that chase each other and overlap with the present, to be consumed by the breath of time.

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